Sunday School

It our goal to make Sunday School a vital part of each family. In addition to the spiritual growth that occurs from studying God’s Word, we also desire that Sunday School provide the fellowship, prayer support, and friendship which are keys to our Christian walk.

Adult Classes

Teachers and Shepherds Class Location
Pastor Finch Adult (30yrs+) Choir Room
Scott Bunce Discussion A-109
Pastor Hurst Marriage & Parenting Library
Jeff Moore Young Married B-101
Thomas Shafer Adult (50yrs+) A-107
Pastor Stroup Adult (30yrs+) Auditorium
Jim Pinkston Adult (30yrs+) Serving Room
Belinda Krech Ladies' Class Parlor
Sharon Kent Ladies' Class A-110
Rich Frazier Salt (Career Class) A-108
C.J. Finch Light (College Class) Balcony

STUDENTS (andrew norton, youth pastor)

Class Location
7th & 8th Grade Teen Cave
9th - 12th Grade Teen Attic

CHILDREN's classes

Teachers Ages/Grades Location
Clute 5th & 6th Grade Boys B-103
White 5th & 6th Grade Girls B-102
Burrell 3rd & 4th Grade C-134
Colwell 1st & 2nd Grade C-112
Jespersen 5 Years Olds C-105
Roberson 4 Year Olds C-104

pre-school & nursery (dania darnell, director)

Class Name/Location
2 & 3 Year Olds C-103
1 Year Olds Busy Bees
6 - 12 Months Cuddly Crawlers
0 - 6 Months Little Lambs